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Bold Motorbikes was born from the motorbike passion of 3 brothers. Being the grandchildren of a biker and a welder, Kahraman Brothers, who received education in different branches of engineering, decided to go one step further than the family's interest in three generations and designed their first e-bike in the family workshop just for themselves.

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Kahraman Brothers prioritizes the uniqueness and perfection of the final product they have been working on for years. The first prototype was the result of hundreds of trials, followed by many improvements based on trials in different places, including mountains and beaches, in different weather conditions.

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In 2021, the Kahraman Brothers decided to share their passion and years of experience with the world by founding Bold Motorbikes. Located in Istanbul, Sydney and their family home in Samsun, the 3 brothers are always collaborating in the design and production of Bold E-bikes to make every final product completely perfect.


Bold Motorbikes' aim is to make every customer happy with designer products and to be recognized as a premium brand.

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